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The Pillars Of Business Success - Workbook

By attending The Pillars Of Business Success course you have recognised that you want to improve your skills and understanding of the foundational elements of business.

The major purpose of the course is to help you think about:

  • why you want to run a business
  • what skills you have and which ones you need to develop
  • what success looks like to you
  • how you will be able to benefit your family, your community and your country.

This Workbook has chapters for each of the topics covered in the TPOBS course. It complements the course by providing some notes, examples and questions to use in conjunction with the course. It is designed to highlight key points of the course and to encourage you to think through the issues raised by the course. To get the most from the course, the Workbook should be worked through during and after the course and the exercises undertaken again in six months’ time.

The information provided relates to a typical organisation and will not necessarily relate directly to your business. Use the principles you have learned to customise the material to your own company.

Footnote references to the sources for some of the material used are provided. The articles, books and websites listed in the final  section provide a good explanation of some of the points mentioned on the course.


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