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Building The Future

Building the Future: Key biblical principles for establishing sustainable businesses with social impact

Axiom-e's founder Ken Dickson is currently writing Building The Future. This introductory book will be of relevance to anyone (considering) running a company, especially one with social impact.

The book deals with the challenges facing social and other businesses before outlining “The Pillars of Business Success”, Ken's framework for building successful organisations and the basis for various courses that we run.

Importantly the book will include reference to many of the key principles found in the Bible that have application to business to help ensure that users start businesses on firm personal and business foundations.

The book's title, Building the Future, comes from several of Ken's well-received talks presented in international settings.


Building the Future is a non-technical book aimed primarily at people who are thinking of establishing organisations that will impact on society and who want to know something of:

(1) the challenges and opportunities of establishing such businesses and

(2) different areas of work beyond their technical speciality so that they have a good basis for developing their organisation.

According to 2017 research from the well-respected Enterprise Research Centre of the Warwick and Aston business schools, and reported in the Financial Times, the average failure rate of UK companies within 3 years is 46% with London companies close to 50%. 

Failure rates in other countries are even higher. As reported by JTB Consulting ,

According to a study by The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA: 2007), a subsidiary of The Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa has one of the highest failure rates of new SMEs in the world, at an estimated 75%.

Many research studies show that the key reasons for failure often include lack of education and lack of business skills. The book seeks to overcome these limitations by providing a comprehensive overview of the basics of business. 

Key Features

Building the Future:

  • provides an overview of the key elements required to establish and grow a business;
  • uses a structured approach which follows the author’s “Pillars of Business Success” model which has been developed from working in and with many organisations;
  • seeks to support the growing number of Christians who are establishing ventures to help overcome major social ills;
  • incorporates a focus on individuals, the organisation and communities.

Target Audience

The Church is often at the forefront of providing social support. This is so in the UK but much more so in some other countries. In an attempt to overcome the local levels of poverty in, for example, Zambia and Kenya, initiatives for developing leadership and entrepreneurial activity is often led by churches. The incidence of this will grow in the coming years as the fabric of society changes and governments are unable to manage the social/welfare support that is necessary.

There is a very long and honourable history of businesses being set up by Christians to provide work and employment that benefits society. There is thus a market and a need to provide resources to enable businesses to be established and run for the long-term. This is what Building the Future aims to provide.

Others who will benefit from the book include:

  • entrepreneurs and businesspeople who want to understand how different elements of business should work together and the personal and business foundations required for successful organisations;
  • corporates who want a primer for their departmental managers and management trainees to better understand how their roles fit into the overall corporate structure whilst encouraging them to think about values, integrity and ethics.

 The book will draw from talks given by Ken Dickson and will be enhanced as a result of feedback from participants.


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