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Helping aspiring entrepreneurs via business courses

Ken Dickson has been invited to run courses for aspiring entrepreneurs in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

The content of the courses is still to be finalised but will be based around The Pillars Of Business Success  course that was run successfully in Zambia.

However, given that fewer than 2% of the population have bank accounts and that the country is the second least advanced country when it comes to information and communication technologies, the course will have to be customised quite a bit.

As a result of deep poverty, Burundi is dependent on foreign aid. The development of sustainable businesses will help to expand the local economy for the benefit of communities and the country as a whole.

To enable the course to take place to help equip locals to set up organisations based on good business principles, sponsorship is required to enable

Sponsorship opportunities
Given the poverty in the country, we are seeking sponsorship from one or more organisations to cover the costs of the course so that, through bursaries, deserving entrepreneurs are able to attend irrespective of their economic circumstances.

More details will be provided as discussions progress. If you are interested in helping young entrepreneurs in Burundi, Nigeria or Zambia, please contact us now.

Thank you.


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