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axiom-evaluation: An independent business review

axiom-evaluation provides for senior management an independent strategic and financial review of an organisation's activities. It helps to identify issues which, if acted on early enough, will improve a business's performance.


In recent months there have been many instances of companies collapsing through circumstances such as fraud, lack of cash or poor management.

Some claim that these problems resulted from poor auditing. The reality is that the Boards of companies have ultimate responsibility for their companies' corporate behaviour and performance. In many cases, poor judgement based on inadequate or non-existent information has caused the decline of businesses.

Audited results present a view of a company's financial statements some time after the end of the financial period to which they relate. If management uses these alone to assess business performance, it is equivalent to them driving a juggernaut by only looking in the rear-view mirror and then only every few miles.

Effective management information

Regular information provided in a timely fashion and which relates actual outcomes to frequently updated forecasts and targets will serve management better than irregular stand-alone data.

Through the tools of strategic financial management, assessment of the likelihood of achieving longer-term objectives can be undertaken.

Amongst other things, such assessment takes into account:

  • the quality of the forecasts and their underlying assumptions
  • the type of controls and processes used throughout the company
  • the nature and quality of management in its broadest sense
  • the appropriateness and robustness of information provided for purposes of decision-making, planning and control of the company


Operating and Financial Review

As part of its offering to clients, axiom-e has developed a service called axiom-evaluation.

Provided either as a top-level Strategic Business Review or as a more detailed Operating and Financial Review, our work will result in a report setting out the key issues that need to be focused on in order to improve operational management as well as longer-term strategic issues.

As the evaluation is not a statutory audit, it is able to take a broad view of business management and is not confined to the narrow area of accounting. Depending on what is asked of us, the review can address matters such as:

  • strategy
  • planning
  • marketing
  • management and financial controls
  • financial forecasting
  • financial management
  • human resources management
  • the management of premises and other resources.


Clients often find that they receive the most benefit by our undertaking a regular axiom-evaluation covering differing facets of their business.

Alternatively, you might benefit from a similar service from axiom-e provided by The Financial Doctor.


As the work required is tailored specifically to your company, please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting after which we will quote for providing your axiom-evaluation.

We will also discuss how we can add value to your company through an on-going relationship which will allow you to gain the axiom-edge over your competitors.


Axiom-e helps The Turbo Trust to transform lives and so can you :